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Skilled Workforce & Job Creation

Michael cosponsored HB 1171 with provided $3 million in skilled workforce scholarships and $3 million in student loan repayment to incentivize college graduates who have earned high-demand degrees to stay in North Dakota. Governor Burgum signed it into law in the Spring of 2019.

Supporting Agriculture

Michael started the discussion on expanding and simplifying the Farm Home Exemption tax, which was passed and signed into law during the 2019 session. 


As a 5th generation farmer, Michael understands the importance of the family farm and helped seek passage of legislation to include second cousins as part of the family farm. 


Agriculture research and education has been something Michael has supported since he was first elected. Through his efforts, Michael secured funds for an Agriculture Products Development Center on the campus of North Dakota State University. 

K-12 Education

At the end of the 2019 Legislative Session, with Michael's support, the per pupil payment for North Dakota students is now above $10,000. With K-12 funding increasing by over $163 million, that will allow for teacher raises. 

Safer Communities

The Rail Safety Program was authorized through Michael's amendment in the Public Service Commission budget, with the goal to avoid train derailments like the 2013 Casselton accident. 

Michael was successful in pushing for 100% of the fire insurance tax distribution fund to go to local fire departments. 

Lower Property Taxes

Michael supported $174 million in permanent property tax relief by having the state take over the County Social Services program.


A cosponsor of "Operation Prairie Dog," this provides much needed support to non-oil producing cities, counties and townships to our communities in District 22, allowing for extra funds to help with infrastructure projects, reducing the burden on the property taxpayer. 

Real Leadership

Through just one term, Michael has earned the respect of his colleagues and has earned the trust of House Leadership by being placed on the powerful House Appropriations Committee, as well as Legislative Management.